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Did you know that running your thermostat up and down more than 5 degrees can actually cost you more money than leaving it at one setting? Answer: The energy it takes to recover is greater than the savings.

Why is a programmable thermostat running the temperature up and down different? Answer: A Honeywell programmable thermostat has software built in called “Adaptive Intelligent Recovery” (AIR) AIR is patented software and only Honeywell has it. what AIR does is senses the rise and fall of the indoor temp vs time. If it is determined that the recovery time is too great it will limit the offset to a manageable setting to minimize the recovery cost. On moderate days it will allow the full offset temp to be reached so you save money on those days. AIR learns how your house and thermostat responds to changes in temperature and plots the time vs temp curve in its memory over a 3-day period then responds intelligently to that curve and continually makes minor adjustments as needed to maximize savings. Smart Huh?

Don’t buy that cheap off-brand programmable thermostat from the home improvement store as without AIR it’s no different that you running the temp up and down yourself.

Mark Baker
(President and Licensed Master Mechanic)
“The PHD of HVAC”

10/22/2014: We can now finance your new Gas Furnace or Gas Pack through SCE&G at a fixed rate of 9.5% and have the monthly payments added to your SCE&G bill. This is the lowest interest rate I have seen in 20 years. If you think you might need a new Gas Heating system and need to finance it, seriously now is the time to do it. Call me if you have any questions or need a free quote. Thankfully We offer 24 hour HVAC Repair Service in Columbia SC.

Justin Iglesias

10/07/2014: This is a great time to open your windows and bring some fresh air into the house.  The last few days have been so nice I have slept with the window open. Being of Viking decent, I appreciate cold weather more than most.  I won’t put on a jacket until the outside temp falls below 50 degrees. Indoor air pollution is much greater than outdoor pollution.  Opening your windows and vacuuming your carpets will do wonders for your sinuses.  Be sure and replace that dirty air filter but only after you’re finished vacuuming and cleaning as the dust you’re kicking up will most likely end up in the air filter.  Run your system fan in the “On” position during this mild weather. This will keep the air circulating through your air filter and keep the air in the house cleaner.  The thermostat is not bringing on the air or heat so the only way you will get the air circulating is to run the fan in the “On” position.  Most people don’t know this but that is what the fan switch on your thermostat is for.

Mark B.

10/07/2014: We are working hard to improve our website. We have been working close with Google to improve our page rank and get found better on the internet. I’m here to tell you this is NOT an easy process. I have spent many hours at the computer making improvements and updates. My eyes are burning from looking at computer screens.

The SC State Fair begins tomorrow! Since I was a little boy I have rarely missed the SC State Fair. Something about the smells of hot greasy food, cigars, cow manure, cinnabons, cotton candy, the exhibits and the sounds of children screaming on rides takes me right back to my childhood. I plan to go today if it is not too crowded. I love strolling through the exhibits and learning about new gadgets and things that have just hit the market. I try not too but I usually end up buying something new for the house.

Mark B.

10/05/2014: The weather is definitely starting to feel like fall. The leaves are falling and there is a crisp clean smell in the air. I slept with my HVAC system turned off last night and my windows open.

Mark B.