Dear Mr. Baker

The reason I can successfully manage remote rental units in South Carolina from Austin, Texas is the trust relationship I have with outstanding contractors like Air Waves. Either I call you receive a call from my local agent about a problem and you immediately dispatch a technician to make repairs. once completed, you Email me the invoice and I respond with a check the next day. The trust relationship is mutual. I trust you to expeditiously address the problem and you trust me to pay immediately on the invoice.

The air upgrade at Condor Route is the largest job you have handled for me. The tenant reports the the upgraded system is working perfectly and that the upstairs rooms are now cool and comfortable. I am very pleased. Kudos also to the fellow who manages the desk and dispatch. Hi name escapes me at the moment but he is always very helpful and responsive.

You run a very good outfit and I am a happy customer very pleased with the relationship.


Ken Nail
Lexington, SC 29073

— Ken Nail. – Technician Steve R.


This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most efficient and competent technicians with whom I have ever had contact.

My story follows: Approximately one year ago my family and I moved to Irmo, South Carolina. One of the two HVAC units that govern the temperate comfort of our home has never worked properly. Over the course of this year we have contacted three advertised Heating and Air Conditioning Companies. Their representatives would come to the house and work on “something”. They would then leave and nothing changed so they would be called back again. Their personnel worked again on “something” and left.

During this very hot spell that we have endured in the Columbia, SC area, it has been impossible to sleep or live in rooms with a temperature of sometimes 92 degrees!

One blessed day we received in the mail a postcard from Air Waves Heating and Air Inc. located at 1457 Bella Vista Drive in Columbia, SC 29223.

I contacted the company and spoke with Daeja, a very sweet representative. She provided some information and I told her I would call back the next day. When I called back, I spoke with Frank, a very personable, friendly and knowledgeable young man. We scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, June 14 at 3:00PM. Frank said he would call to make sure everything was still “a go” before they left the plant. He did as he said he would do….that is so important!

The technician about whom I referred in the beginning of this mail was named Anthony P. He set right to work, discovered a problem that had been overlooked by all other technicians and installed the new contactor and replaced the requested thermostat. All of this work was completed in the most efficient, competent and swift manner that I have ever witnessed. Anthony was not only very knowledgeable about his trade but was extremely well-mannered and friendly. Thankfully they offered Emergency AC Installation.

I had wanted to comment not only on the company survey, but also on Angie’s List. However, after exploring her website, I do not believe that I can afford her monthly membership fee.

I am in hopes that this letter can somehow be used to celebrate Airwaves, in general, but most specifically the personnel who were so good to my family and me.

Please see that these folks are recognized and informed of a public who is most appreciative of who they are and what they do…so well! Thank you,

Linda H. Long
Irmo, SC 29212

— Linda Long – Technician Anthony P.

Very courteous, on time, professional, performed work efficiently and in a timely manner

— Rebecca Gaetz – Technician Brian O.

Glad they called as we needed the service. Arrived in uniform – introduced himself & went right to work. Will definitely continue to use Air Waves. Very satisfied!

— Johnnie Crawford – Technician Brian O.

Outstanding, Justin from the first call. Thank you. Technician was thorough and polite. He listened, checked my concerns and showed me the results. Outstanding!

— Perkayja Gray – Technician Brian O.

Even on short notice, Morgan was very accommodating and realized that I was a new customer and wanted to make sure I could become a long time customer.

The technician was very professional in appearance and knowledgeable. He was very courteous, was able to explain everything so I could understand what needed to be done. Definitely happy I saw their ad in the Mint Magazine and called. I request Trent to be my service tech each time I need a home visit.

— Tom McCutchen – Technician Trent S.

Outstanding Service. Knowledgeable and Respectful! Top of the block! The best ever!

— AE & Charles Byrn – Brian O.

He was happy to be here and seemed enthused to get started working on the AC. Friendly, Patient and Professional.

— Mark Smith – Technician Brian O./Jason D

Answered all my questions and was very thorough. Send him next time.

— Margie Sallman – Technician Anthony P.

Very Professional! The rep (Frank) worked with me by setting his appointment time around my busy schedule without a problem.

The tech was very pleasant, well mannered & very knowledgeable of his job. He came & started to work right away @ 2:00pm which by the way was my appointment time. Your work speaks for itself.

— Harriette Blume – Technician Brian O/Jason D.

Service has always been done to satisfaction. Prompt attention to any issues. They stay on task and get the job done. There knowledgeable and competent. Glad we found your company.

— Will Wild – Technician Trent S.

Friendly and Thorough! Long time customer – never had a complaint.

— Richard Shivers – Technician Trent S.