Sometimes, repairing a broken AC just won’t cut it. When you need an air conditioning installation, consider your options at Air Waves Heating & Air. Our selection includes name brands like Lennox, Rheem, and Trane. We have both single-stage and two-stage options.

Find the Right AC

When you hire us, one of our team members will come over to perform an inspection of the AC. Once we know for certain that repairs are out of the question, we’ll help you choose the right replacement product.

You won’t want your new system to turn on and off all the time, like some single-stage systems do, because this will use up more electricity and weaken the system. That’s why we’ll take into account the square footage of your property and find a system whose cooling capacity doesn’t exceed it.

AC systems also come with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), and we’ll show you plenty of options that have a high SEER. For example, the Rheem Prestige Series High Efficiency model has an 18.00 SEER, while the average model’s SEER is 13.00.

Rheem systems come with convenient financing options thanks to their KwikComfort Financing, so we advise clients to take advantage of this if they can’t pay all at once.

Install and Maintain It

Trained, certified technicians will punctually arrive for the installation, bringing everything from ladders to a crane. With us, there won’t be any overtime charges.

Afterwards, you might want to look into buying a service agreement because even new ACs have to be maintained. This will give you biannual AC inspections, discounts on any repairs, air filter replacements during each visit, and preferential scheduling.

Located in Columbia, SC, Air Waves Heating & Air is part of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. We’ve been working on residential and commercial properties in this area since 1993. Give us a call to speak with an experienced professional about your AC options.