A Memorial to Bill Pfeiffer

(Bill Pfeiffer was the original proprietor of the www.AirWaves.com web site domain before it was purchased by Air Waves Heating & Air Inc. in 2006)

Bill Pfeiffer passed away on September 1, 1999 as the result of an automobile accident in Apple Valley, which is one of the southern suburbs of the Minneapolis/St. Paul ‘twin cities’ area in Minnesota. His car was struck by another vehicle while he was working for his employer. Bill was the long-time moderator of the Usenet newsgroup rec.radio.broadcasting, as well as the publisher of Airwaves Radio Journal, a publication he began on the internet in 1991 and maintained for eight years and through nearly 5,600 issues.

Word spread quickly throughout Usenet and the Internet over the Labor Day weekend as obituary notices began appearing in several newsgroups and mailing lists. An example is what appeared in Telecom Digest where Bill had been known personally by the moderator there dating back to 1977 (twenty-two years ago) long before Bill had even known anything about computers or the net.

Bill ‘got started with the net in 1989-90 as a result of his friendship in Chicago with Patrick Townson, Usenet moderator of the c.d.t. group. He was soon active in several newsgroups of that time, and by 1991 Bill felt strongly committed to beginning a newsgroup dealing with radio broadcasting.

He was the proprietor of this web site you are now viewing, www.airwaves.com and he had numerous other involvements in the Internet including old time radio discussions. Even after the 1996 Christmas fire which destroyed his home in Missouri and ultimately took his mother’s life, Bill continued to serve the net with his publication and newsgroup moderatorship.

Something many people do not know about Bill Pfeiffer is that in addition to his Internet activities, he was an amateur radio operator, or ‘ham’. Jim Wishner points out that his call sign was KCODXY, and that a number of people in the Minnesota area where Bill lived knew him only for his amateur radio activities.

Bill was well known throughout the radio broadcasting industry, and respected by many or most professionals involved in radio. The only ‘family’ he had was his extended, world-wide virtual family on the internet. He leaves behind his fiancee Cindy Freeman of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and his dog Jake.  Bill has a half-sister in Illinois and some nieces and nephews in Illinois and Missouri,

Val Davis was also a close personal friend of Bill Pfeiffer.