It’s very rare that we see heavy snow or ice storms in the Midlands. Many of us spend our winters looking forward to getting snow. This year has started quite differently. So far we have had two snow falls this year. Although the first one was ok, the second one has done some damage. With iced up roads for 2-3 days and many people losing power, it has been a very rough 3 days. Now that the sun is out and the ice is melting there are still many without power and heat.  As SCE&G crews work against the weather to help all these customers, we ask ourselves how can we prevent these emergencies from happening to us. When it comes to your heat working properly the whole winter period, the best advice we can give is to make sure your system has been maintained and inspected before the winter is here. By doing this every year you greatly lower the chances of your heat failing when you need it most. When it come to power outages, the only way to guaranty that you and your family will always have power is to have a stand by generator. By taking these steps you can rest assure that the next time there are heavy snow falls or ice storms you and your family will be ready. For more information regarding stand-by generators or yearly maintenance call 803 754-9099

Winter storm leaves many without power and heat

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